Hip Hop Icon Busy Bee was with #Prodigy Prior to His Death

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The Hip Hop Movement founders send their  deepest condolences to both the families of  Albert “Prodigy” Johnson and  Mobb Deep  for the loss of one of the best MC’s of the  third generation of hip hop.

Busy Bee, the  co-founder of the Hip Hop Movement, states he was just  with Prodigy on  Saturday, June 17th 2017 in Las Vegas as both artists were featured on an Art Of Rap Tour date.  Busy Bee, who hosted the show which featured an impressive lineup of seasoned and old school artists, recalls that Prodigy was  “in good spirits that day.  I was just thanking him for wearing my Busy Bee shirt in a video he did. We both felt good.”

Ronald ‘Bee-Stinger” Savage, the Hip Hop Movement’s other co-founder, regretfully states, “Hip Hop has lost one of its greatest. Prodigy was one of my favorite MC’s and I don’t call many rappers today an MC. An MC means you can perform anywhere and that means a lot because back in the day rappers were not called rappers, they were called MC’s

“Today we honor and salute the loss of one of hip hop’s greatest.  Prodigy is in the best place he can be, which is heaven, and will no longer have to suffer from the effects of  sickle  cell. He will never be forgotten,” Busy Bee concludes.

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