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For the vast majority of people who have grown up with media, film, music and television, the notion of having music playing along whilst you do practically anything is something lusted after; having a soundtrack to your life would be great! It’s no wonder, then, that bespoke playlists are all the rage, but there are some situations that are rather difficult to set to music, gambling and gaming being one of them. We thought we’d have a stab at creating a list to go along with this increasingly popular pastime, but what genre to focus on? We all know that casino gaming is a pretty wealthy endeavour; cash featuring pretty heavily; but what genre best represents this? Oh yeah; hip hop.

Hip hop isn’t the choice purely due to the rather financially-minded nature of rap artists. No, hip hop is also about intimidation, focus, lifting oneself out of the ghetto and into the ivory tower; perfect personality traits to own if you are a gambler. The first tune has to be ‘C.R.E.A.M’ by the eternally excellent Wu-Tang Clan. Not only does the tune have a classy piano loop to keep you focused, the whole song is about raking in the dolla, and with an underlying sense of intimidation carried throughout the lyrics, your competitors will be thinking twice when it’s their turn to raise.

When things are getting a little tense and hot under the collar, it’s time for our second tune, Big Punisher’s ‘Twinz (Deep Cover ’98)’. Why have you chosen such a paranoia-inducing, gang-war-starting song, I hear you ask? Well, imagine you’re taking a spin of the roulette wheel, or yelling “hit me!” at the dealer. These are actions that require a razor sharp constitution, a mind that is completely on point and utterly focused on the win. Big Pun knew this, and wrote this uncomfortable song as a result.

The next song, ‘Liberation’ by Outkast, is for those long pauses that inevitably happen during any game when money is on the line. Quiet, reserved, yet building to a couple of delicious crescendos towards the end of the track, this classic is the perfect song to mull over your options to.

If you’ve been thinking this list has so far been aimed a little too much at the more dangerous wagered games, then you’d be right. Whether you’re playing in the jewelled hall of a casino or having a more comfortable time at home on a site like http://www.rubyfortune.com, gambling is serious business. Yes, there are lots of different, fun games available, but when it comes down to it (much like hip hop) there are always winners and losers. Our last song is for the winners; ‘Ante Up (Robbin Hoodz Theory)’ by M.O.P; for when you’ve won a mil, there’s a girl on each of your arms, someone’s lent you their fur coat and top hat, and you’re strutting your way out of the casino. Wonderful!

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