A word from Sylvia Burley…..Can Obama Make History (Again) in 2012?!!

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can obama make history again

Author: Sylvia Burley

Welcome to 2012.  I hope that you had a superb 2011 (although if you did, you were one of the lucky ones).  I hope that you have entered the New Year renewed and full of vigor.  I also hope that you are now ready to participate in the fight of your life; the fight for the direction of this country and its people.  The million dollar question… can Obama make history again and, with our help, implement a more progressive agenda, or will we go back to the same policies that failed us during the 8 years George W. Bush, Jr. was in office?

We at Hip Hop Enquirer Magazine decided to start including articles of a political nature in our magazine because we know that during times of civil unrest in this country, young people have often led the way.  Whether marching during the Civil Rights era, protesting against the Vietnam War, or more currently the Occupy Wall Street movement, young people have been fearless and determined to let their voices be heard and ultimately make a difference in their lives and the lives of their fellow man.

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So let YOUR voice be heard!  Start by interacting with us on our site.  You can leave comments or even story suggestions.  Get active in your community by participating in voter registration drives and educational efforts.  Because some Republican-controlled states have or are attempting to implement draconian voter ID laws to keep minorities and the youth from voting, make sure you are also registered and have proper ID based on the laws in your state.

This fight requires one be armed with knowledge and ready to take action.  As the saying goes, “(my) people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.

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Join an organization and get ready to make history…again!  Happy New Year!!

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