Homecoming Kings!!! The Google+ Homecoming Tour!!!

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Four the hardway

After fading quietly into the back-burner realm of social networks, Google+ is once again emerging to try and top the competitors. In an attempt to gain attention, Google+ has teamed up with four of the greatest court kings of the moment. Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul will all star in the Google+ Homecoming Tour. The tour will make its way through each of the NBA stars’ hometown of Chicago, Akron, New York, and New Orleans (where each player originates from) and will host a series of basketball related and charitable community events featuring some of their NBA buddies.  The tour begins December 1st and if you want to check out all the games and behind the scenes action you’ll be able to do so on the Google+ homepage.

This is a good look for each of them. Except for Lebron who I’m still not sure if the city of Akron has ever forgiven him for him taking his talents to the south. Still, with no signs of the lockout ending basketball fans should enjoy the festivities.

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