Honey Cocaine @QueenHoneyC Speaks on Freddy E’s Death

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In a recent interview with MTV News, rapper Honey Cocaine who many say is the reason behind why Tyga’s artist, Freddy E recently committed suicide, gave her side of the story. After Freddy E’s tragic suicide earlier this week, rumors circulated that the 22-year old committed the act after a breakup with Honey Cocaine.

Honey Cocaine is now clarifying the relationship that her and Freddy E had, saying that they were just “friends”. “It was just a friendship… We did everything for each other as friends” said the rapper. Honey then explained what she thinks Freddy may have been going through, saying: “I think he was just going through a lot, that was his personal business. Sometimes people can’t handle it, if I could have done something I would have done something”.

The writing couldn’t have been clearer on the Twitter walls as young aspiring rapper Freddy E snuffed his own life out because of a hard break-up from his rapper girlfriend known to the hip hop community as Honey Cocaine. His acts leading up to the fatal shooting shows a despondent person pleading out for help but once that help didn’t arrive he ultimately took his own life after saying goodbye to the people he loved.

Check out the full interview below and see what else Honey Cocaine had to say about the tragic situation.

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