Hot Dayum!! Serena Williams Shows Up at Wedding in a Leopard Print Body Suit

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Serena Williams’ Instagram Photo

Over the weekend tennis superstar Serena Williams took wedding crashing to a whole other level.  Saturday, while hanging out with fellow tennis star Caroline Wozniacki on Miami Beach, the two noticed a wedding in progress.  Instead of just passing by, Williams decides to crash the wedding, but not only crash the wedding, crash the wedding wearing only a leopard swimsuit.

Sheesh, by the look of things it looks as if that French Open elimination isn’t the only thing behind her.  What a lucky man the groom is…and his wife looks beautiful as well.

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Serena Williams’ Instagram Photo

Williams took to social media soon after as she posted pictures to her Instagram account.  She commented on one picture saying, “Wedding crasher!! Congrats!”  Williams seemed to fit in, even with her totally standing out.  She made a good event great, as even guests got in on the picture taking.  

For more on Serena’s leopard print swimsuit check out the video below.

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