How Dare You Call Iggy A Sellout! Her Upcoming Concert in Trouble

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It seems as if Iggy Azalea’s very first arena tour may be in trouble of being canceled due to poor ticket sales.

The “Fancy” rapper has been a magnet for controversy over the past year ranging from her self imposed social media blackout, an alleged sex tape, and a feuds with several artist including female rapper Azealia Banks.

Its hard not to admit that these events have caused some irreparable damage to her reputation possibly causing her the pre-sale numbers for her tour to be dismal. Also, there are reports that Iggy’s attitude isn’t helping the situation either.

Reportedly, she hasn’t been doing her part by promoting for her concert and she has disengaged from her core team. Iggy has refused to cooperate with her managing team concerning promotional events and tour producers are absolutely furious that she quit her social media accounts at the worst possible time, just weeks before the tour kicks off.

It looks as though the Aussie rapper’s career may soon be fading away almost as quickly as she burst onto the scene.


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