How Do You Remember Michael?

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On this day two years ago the world was at a standstill in disbelief and confusion.  The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was pronounced dead at 2:26 PM PT.  This was an unexpected and heart-dropping event that to this day at two years later has not been solidified with reason and truth. The magnitude of this event is one of which you can ask anyone where they were when they heard the news and you will receive an immediate answer. There is no need to go into detail of who Michael Jackson was but the question now is who will he be remembered?  There are a number of positive opinions, the greatest artist of all time, the icon, and the unarguably great performer. Though there are now shadows of doubt such as the mysterious and moral questioning father, or the pill popping med head.  Most of the positive views are from those who love and respect his music and the negative are from those who don’t listen to the King of Pop and just read news lines and make assumptions.

The only things that are in fact now are that his kids are without a father and that his death has not been proven.  The controversial trial is still in progress starring Jackson’s personal doctor Conrad Murray facing manslaughter charges for allegedly giving Jackson an overdose of powerful sedative propofol to help him sleep on the morning of his death at his Beverly Hills mansion.  Until this matter is settled the final picture still remains unpainted. Members of the Jackson family are in doubt of the investigation. La Toya Jackson told that “I truly feel Dr Murray was simply the fall guy. I think it’s too easy to blame him. I think the investigation needs to go a bit further than just stopping at Dr Murray,” “There are a lot of other people that are involved in this” she sated with much decline to elaborate.

Opposite this trial a number of positive things are being conducted following Jackson’s death. His documentary “This Is It” ranked second all-time to Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” grossing 261 million worldwide. Along with that venture his popular video game linked up with Canadian dance-based troupe Cirque du Soleil to begin working on a series of shows inspired by Jackson’s music and dance, including a permanent one in Las Vegas.  Michael’s legacy will continue to live on. That has been proven by previous deceased stars of similar but not equal magnitude such as Tupac and Elvis respectively, but the question still remains how will it be received world wide as a whole when everything is proven? In comparison to now two years after his death, as it has two distinct opposite views while all the pieces to this important puzzle still are being put together.

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