How Far is Too Far?? NY Post Photographer Captures Man Right Before His Death on Train Tracks

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NY Post is really going for shock value this year. They have gone completely off the deep end just one week after picturing producer, Ryan Leslie on their front page with the caption “Rap Weasel”. This time, NY Post photog, R. Umar Abbasi captured a moment of pure tragedy. NY resident, Ki-Suck Han who was killed after being pushed onto NYC Subway tracks.

58-year old Han died shortly after being struck by the train. “If I understand it, [Han} tried to break up a fight or something and paid for it with his life”, said NYC Mayor Bloomberg. NYPD is still investigating the haunting incident, but say they are talking with the suspect who implicated himself on Tuesday.

As for Abbasi, he claims that he didn’t intentionally take the picture, but instead was trying to use the camera flash to try and alert the train driver. “I wanted to help the man, but I couldn’t figure out how to help. It all happened so fast”, said Abbasi.

Well known journalist such as Soledad O’Brien have made statements surrounding the ethical/moral side of the story stating “”I think it’s terribly disturbing — imagine if that were your father or brother”.

22 minutes is a long times to pull someone up from the tracks and to think about snapping a shot and focusing your camera seems a bit cruel if you ask me.

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