How Ironic? Lawyers For Thug Cops Arrested for Freddy Gray Death Wants Prosecutor Removed From Case

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The six Baltimore officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray are (top row from left) Caesar Goodson Jr., Garrett Miller, Edward Nero and (bottom row from left) William Porter, Brian Rice and Alicia White

After Baltimore’s state prosecutor Marilyn Mosby poured over all the evidence during her independent investigation into the death of 25-year old Freddy Gray allegedly at the hands of 6 Baltimore cops, she announced last Friday that there was probable cause to charge them with crimes ranging from 2nd degree murder to false arrest which she believes lead to the death of Mr. Gray. The fact that she comes from a long line of police officers in her family made many believe before her announcement that there would be no charges. Her announcement shocked the rank and file of the Baltimore police department and it also lead to a somewhat threatening letter being sent to her from the police union president representing the cops in question.

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State Attorney Marilyn Mosby

Attorneys representing the cops charged believe that Prosecutor Mosby poses a conflict of interest (whatever that means) as well as they feel her investigation into the matter was rushed. One of the accused cops believe the knife Gray had in his pocket was an illegal weapon however Mosby said the knife was in fact legal and his arrest was unlawful.

These latest developments will raise many concerns with the citizens of that community as some have already said that there is a systemic problem with how Baltimore cops abuse their authority towards those they are supposed to protect. Mosby has departed from what the status quo has been when it relates to police investigating themselves. She had the foresight to utilize her own investigators in gathering evidence and as a result charged the cops with killing Freddy Gray.

During the investigation in the death of Ferguson teenager Mike Brown, prosecutor Michael McCulluch had obvious conflict of issue concerns that should automatically resulted in him stepping down. In that situation, McCulloch’s father was killed in the line of duty and he is also the president of the police union. It was he who made the decision not to prosecute Darren Wilson for killing Mike Brown.

The people of Baltimore elected Marilyn Mosby as State Attorney because she ran on a platform that she would be tough on those cops who abused their authority and it appears that she has delivered on that promise.

One thing is for certain and that is the fact Freddy Gray was alive before he had an encounter with those police officers.

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