How the 9/11 attacks affected Jay-Z’s ‘The Blueprint’ Album Sales.

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In two days, Americans will be observing the 10th year anniversary of one of the most devastating tragedies to occur on United States soil. In two days, rapper Jay- Z will be acknowledging the 10th year anniversary of one of the most celebrated albums in Hip Hop history, The Blueprint. Ten years later, Hip Hop connoisseur’s and historians alike have taken it upon themselves to discuss the reasons why Jay-Z’s historic album still impacts the tragedies of September 11th, 2001.

Within the first week of its release, Jay-Z’s 6th album sold 420,000 within the first week. In an interview with CNN, Brown University Professor and author of “The Hip Hop Wars” attributes the album’s critical success to the fact that the youth responds to tragedy much differently than older generations. “While the much older fans of Mariah Carey or Bob Dylan would likely be too busy and worried about terrorist attacks to rush out and purchase a CD the week of 9/11, Jay-Z’s teen and early 20s fans, already hyped up about this release long beforehand, remained focused on their idol,” Rose stated. Regardless of the reason, we commend Jay-Z for his success and we mourn for the families and victims of 9/11.


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