How You Can Live the Vampire Life!

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Vampire Life cover art

I have a confession to make. I have never, EVER seen any of the Twilight saga films nor do I have any desire to watch them. However I wont deny that these days being associated with the undead is good for business. With the wildly worldwide success of Twilight, the popular television show Vampire Diaries, and my personal favorite HBO’s hit series True Blood its not hard to see why.  Harlem’s very own Jim Jones is contributing to the blood sucking bonanza with the release of his mixtape called Vampire Life which is out now! The above photo is the covert art for Capo’s latest project. Head hung low, surrounded by a flock of bats, and blood dripping from the edges, Jimmy’s new mixtape is taking a bite out of the rap game once again. Do yourself a favor and go cop that asap!  And while you’re at it, I’ve come across a few items you may want to check out as well. Even if you’re not the stay-up-until-dawn type you can still live a perfectly good stylish (non vamp) kind of life!  View the pics below as well as the track listing for Vampire Life.

Fang chain necklace by KR3W


Fang ring by KR3W


Evidence sunglasses by Louis Vuitton


Christian Louboutin


  1. No VMA’s (Feat Sen City)
  2. Genocide (Feat Sen City)
  3. Grand Slam (Feat Sen City & 2 Chainz)
  4. Riding On Empty (Feat Mel Matrix & Sen City)
  5. Get Low (Freestyle)
  6. So Athletic (Mike Vick) (Feat Maino)
  7. Millionarie’s Wife (Feat Sen City)
  8. Play Your Part (Feat Chase)
  9. Letter To The Game (Feat Sen City)
  10. I Got Now (Feat Young Swift)
  11. Once Upon A Time (Feat Yo Gotti)
  12. Ganstas Don’t Die (Feat Chris Luck & Sen City)
  13. The Untouchables (Feat Chase & Shoota)
  14. Kill or Be Killed (Feat Kingpin Slim & Lady H)
  15. Vampire Music (Feat Mel Matrix & Sen City)
  16. I Like (Feat Young Swift)
  17. Annie Mae (Feat T.W.O)
  18. Scream (Feat Sen City & Logic)
  19. Psycho (Feat JR Writer & Sen City)
  20. Till Sunrise (Feat Chink Santana)
  21. I’ll Be Back (Feat Meek Mill & Fred Da Godson)
  22. Word 2 My Muva (DJ Self Feat Chubbie Baby, Meek MillFuture)
  23. Goin’ Thru It (Feat Jadakiss)
  24. JB (Freestyle)


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