I Want to Be Your Man: @BarackObama vs. Mitt Romney. Which Candidate is Better For Women?

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I Want to Be Your Man: Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney. Which Candidate is Better For Wom?

As we get closer to voting day, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are both in the chase for as many votes as possible. One voting bloc that both parties have been courting heavy is women. The women’s vote is key for whoever wins the election this year. An AP poll recently showed that 8% of all undecided voters are women. With that said, both Democrats and Republicans have been fighting hard to get that 8%.

Each candidate has done little things to show their support for women lately. Recently, while on the campaign trail through Ohio and Iowa, Barack wore a pink bracelet to show his support for Breast Cancer awareness month.

Barack can boast that the first piece of legislation that was passed by his administration was the Lily Ledbetter bill which ensured equal pay for women who work the same jobs as men.

Romney has had problems relating his message to women as shown recently at the last debate. His “binder full of women” comment overshadowed the fact that he aggressively hunted out women candidates to high positions while he was Governor of Massachusetts. This admission was shot down by former executive director of the Massachusetts Government Appointments Project said the group provided the resumes of women qualified for appointment unprompted. “To be perfectly clear, Mitt Romney did not request.”

Nevertheless, Romney is still trying to find a way to connect with women. In the new ads, he tries to shy away from the abortion right issue and bring it back to what he has been winning with, the economy.

“In fact he thinks abortion should be an option in cases of rape, incest or to save a mother’s life,” says a woman in the new ad.  Quickly, she moves from speaking about Mitts stance on abortion to his key topic, the economy. “But I’m more concerned about the debt our children will be left with. I voted for President Obama last time, but we just can’t afford four more years.”

While campaigning in Virginia, Mitt Romney spoke about how President Obama has let down women more than anything. “This president has failed American’s women. They’ve suffered in terms of getting jobs,” he declared, saying that 3.6 million more of them are in poverty now than when Obama took office.”

Since the first debate, polls have shown a swift trend toward Mitt Romney amongst women. This is something that Barack cannot afford to see if he plans on being re-elected.  With Election Day coming closer and closer, both candidates will be going all out to catch the attention of the ladies and more importantly, their vote.

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