“I’m Gonna Say You Raped Me!” Uber Passenger Goes Berserk on Driver After He Didn’t Have iPhone Charger

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It seems like Uber drivers just can’t seem to catch a single beak these days.

A 21-year-old New York woman who has now been identified as “Chasity” by a friend after seeing the soon turned viral video, ordered an Uber ride and let’s just say that things didn’t go so well. A profanity infused video was posted to Youtube on Monday showing the woman yelling a series of racial slurs and curse words at her Uber driver after he apparently did not happen to have a charger for her iPhone.

Take a look below:

The woman eventually threatens to accuse the man of rape and assault and to have him and his family banned from the United States of America.

“I’m going to start screaming out the window that you’re raping me, you raped me” she cries in the video as the man is seen repeatedly asking “Chasity” to “get out my car”. As the two are seen arguing back and forth, she eventually orders the man to “get the f*** out of my country”.

After seeing the bizarre video rise in views, a former friend of hers immediately contacted the New York Daily News and shared that the passenger has gotten into trouble with the law some time ago. The woman was previously busted for weapons possession two years ago.

“I used to hang out with her on East Tremont Ave., but  she’s got a little too wild”, the friend said. She said she recognized her buddy as soon as she laid eyes on the video.

The rider’s account has since been banned following her questionable tirade and Uber is said to be looking further into the incident.

Source: New York Daily News

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