In Case You Missed It… SNL Spoofs Kim Kardashian’s Fairytale Divorce!!!

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Kim at the airport

Poor Kim Kardashian.  Life must be so hard for Kris Jenner‘s prize pony. Not only has her blissful 72 day marriage with prop husband Kris Humprhies come to an end before the eyes of everyone around the world, but she’s been so “distraught” over the whole thing she can barely focus on important things like tweeting about lip gloss and aiming her nipped & tucked snout in the right direction for the paparazzi’s photo.

Luckily enough she still has her hired wardrobe stylist and makeup artist to achieve the “leave me alone. I’m going through a divorce which means I’m going to tell my makeup artist to make me look sad and less like a waxed transsexual” look. Kim was spotted strolling through LAX early this morning on a mission of unscripted love as she will flew to Kris’ Minnesota home to get proper closure on their relationship. Translation: Kim will fly to Minnesota so that her ass can burp out that expensive rock! Or maybe she just needs his signature to finalize their arrangement divorce.

In other headlining news, watch the clip below of SNL’s dead on spoof of Kim’s Fairytale Divorce Special! I haven’t watched SNL in ages. The last time I even tried to catch a recent episode I was only in for a good 10 minutes before switching to something funnier. But, last Saturday’s clip featuring all of the Kardashian Klan including Bruce, Lamar, and Big Pimp Kris desperately trying to wedge herself  into the spotlight. Do yourself a favor and watch the clip below for a 2 minute and 46 second chuckle session!



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