In Memory of the King of Pop: Michael Jackson The Legend Lives On

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Like a candle in the wind,

Your life came to a sudden end.

With “A Child’s Heart,”

You began your start.

You brought joy to many,

But in the end, you didn’t have any.

You had money, fortune, and fame,

If that’s all we remember, what a shame.

Now, they all say, “I Want You Back,”

But is that all just an act?

They all said, “I’ll Be There,”

I am not sure they really care.

While you were making your journey home,

Sharpton was already in front of the microphone.

Trying to bask in your glorious light,

Doing that just wasn’t right.

Standing in front of the Apollo,

This stunt rang really hollow.

Grandstanding in front of the press,

My goodness, such a pathetic mess.

I thought Obama had silenced Jesse Jackson,

But, I guess he was just waiting for the next media attraction.

Come on Jesse, start being a man,

And just stay away from Neverland.

Now, Al and Jesse are fighting over the eulogy,

Not even death can bring them unity.

I am sickened by their behavior,

Yet they claim Jesus as their savior.

The media is airing all sorts of speculation,

None of it proven is my observation.

I am embarrassed by their actions,

They’re just trying to use Michael Jackson.

Airing anyone who claims to have a story,

All the while, trying to diminish Michael’s glory.

Why in the world is the media so hating?

I guess they’re just trying to increase their ratings

Some say you lived your life “Off The Wall,”

But, who are we to make that call?

Yes, you had your eccentricities,

But that shouldn’t overshadow what a man believes.

You tried to do good with your voice,

And became the people’s choice.

The choice of a whole generation,

And they gave you their total adulation.

You saw a world that was not Black or White,

Because Healing the World, was worth the fight.

You challenged us to look at that “Man In The Mirror,”

So your vision of unity could become clearer.

You wanted gangs to start uniting,

Songs like “Beat It” helped them stop fighting.

You didn’t have to prove you were “Bad,

You just talked about the childhood you never had.

You were put on this earth to be a blessing to many,

Now everyone is going to be fighting for every penny,

What will be the true legacy of your life?

It’s hard to see in the midst of all this strife.

You had the best friends money could buy,

Guess that’s why I see no tears in their eye.

Other friends were the best you could rent,

I pray one day they’ll repent.

Catherine Jackson, you are a saint

With you, Michael never had a complaint.

I hope you are surrounded with those who care,

If not, just call my name and “I’ll be there!

Raynard Jackson is president & CEO of Raynard Jackson & Associates, LLC., a D.C.-public relations/government affairs firm.  He is also a contributing editor for ExcellStyle Magazine ( & USAfrica Magazine (


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