IN THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF CHICKS GONE MAD!!! Woman Plots to Kill Husband Mistress and Baby (Video Inside)

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court_kisha-jones-coverKisha Jones

Some people in this world would just do anything in the name of love. Check this crazy story out:

A couple of years ago Kisha Jones, who was then 31-years-old, found out her husband cheated on her and got his mistress pregnant. In an attempt to keep him he began all types of antics to try and get rid of the baby.

She started out by be-friending the woman, Monique Hunter, and giving her an abortion pill. It did not work and the baby was born. After that did not work she attempted to poison the baby through bottles that had poison in them.

The craziest thing of all is that she only received 4 years for this.

Watch the video below:


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