The International Music Conference Opening Night Review…Where Was Atlanta At?

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IMC 2013 is live in effect! The International Music Conference brings the UK to connect with American music industry for it’s annual weekend of showcases, panels, and of course, the city of Atlanta’s essence. While independent artists, producers, and other tastemakers anticipate a bevy of information and insight from many prominent industry affiliates on Saturday, and nightly events at Harlem Nights, the VIP Meet and Greet started the weekend off a little sour.

For those who know the city of Atlanta, know that the music industry supports itself, especially when it comes to a VIP event sponsored by Gentleman Jack.

The lineup of sponsored names and radio ad on V103 in Atlanta peaked my interests to head over to the invitation but I was definitely one in a few.

As you entered the brightly lit Aurum Lounge, it was easy to spot the who’s who, which were only a few if you don’t count the people invested in it.

The tried and true non celebrity-chasing media only needed a good 5 minutes before they perched at the bar in hopes that someone would come through in the last hour (It was Nikko from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta).

While it was a great time for a few young artists, bloggers, and free VIP attendees to chat it up with a few familiar and new faces without the dark lighting and loud music, one question remained on everyone’s mind, Where was Atlanta? Where were the usual party-crashers and taste makers? Was it the venue? Is it the event?

While a few whispered about the DJ Speakerfoxx doppelganger on the turntables, or the lack of Atlanta workers on the event (dang, they can’t volunteer?), the epiphany arisen that this wasn’t for us. It was for them to meet us. Atlanta, come out of hiding!

With that said, we are definitely looking forward to all of the scheduled panels especially the Song feedback panel that our Editor-in-Chief is speaking on.

Will the rest of the week’s events prove otherwise? Will the surge of “media” come to support the big names on Saturday? Stay tuned.

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