Interracial Couple Outraged By Being Called “Jungle Fever” By Valet

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Apparently racial discrimination is still present in the New Year. One interracial couple had to learn that the hard way and what makes it worst is that is came from their valet! In East Point, Georgia an interracial couple was retrieving their car from a valet at Spondivits restaurant. As they approached the valet they were stunned to see the words “jungle fever” written on their parking stub. It is sad to see that those who valet our vehicles not only use numbers and tickets to identify the vehicles and their owners but they also use our race.

The fact that the valet used “jungle fever” as a code word for an interracial relationship was what offended Kandea and Samuel Aaron. Kandea Aarons states “To me those words were racially motivated.” Reportedly the head chef later confronted an African-American valet who had admitted to writing the phrase on the stub. He has been terminated. As diverse as the city of Atlanta is, it is disappointing still seeing this type of discrimination taking place.

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