Interview: Dawn Richard Speak on Her Break-up with Bad Boy Records

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In an interview with Vladtv, Dawn Richards (of Diddy Dirty Money and Danity Kane) spoke about her split with Bad Boy, working on her own, what happened to Danity Kane. When asked, “Was it an amicable split between you and Bad Boy” Richards answered, “Yes, it was an amicable split.” She then goes on to say she is grateful for the opportunities that she has received from working with Diddy and calls him a “mentor.” Although she says she could possibly continue to work with Bad Boy, that is not an option she is pursuing at the moment because she would have to wait 2 or 3 years to get any work out.

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When asked about Danity Kane, she simply stated, “What happened was Puff fired Aubrey and D. Woods and we were having issues from the outside.” She calls what happened to Danity Kane tragic, but “it was a good run.” She still keeps in contact with the majority of the girls from the group and says that there is “always love there.”

From the looks of the interview, her and D Woods probably should get some face time together real soon. Hopefully we will get to hear something about the split from Kaleena, the other half of Diddy Dirty Money real soon.

Source: Vlad TV

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