Interview: Mr. Collipark Gives His Insight on the Current State of Black Music

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DJ Smallz Eyes recently sat down with Mr. Collipark, the Grammy nominated producer, DJ as well as CEO of Collipark Music. With his many accolades in the world of music, his insight into the current state of music clearly expressed his concerns. Collipark Music which has held music acts such as the Ying Yang Twins, Soulja Boy, Hurricane Chris, V.I.C., Vistoso Bosses, Translee, Treal Lee & Prince Rick has always held a particular sound.

“Back in the day, when you heard Timbaland, you knew it was Timbaland. When you heard Pharrell, you knew it was Pharrell. When you heard me, you knew it was me.” Collipark explain, sharing his thoughts on the repetitive tone that music tracks in the present time possess.

The interview also gives his opinion on how to future artists can help in resolving the current problem in black music. Mr Collipark also praised the success of J. Cole’s “2014 Forest Hills Drive ” album sales and stated that with a “hit single”, it could have reached old-school level sales. Another popular topic of discussion when it comes to the rap scene is Iggy Azalea’s rising fame, to which he added that, “I don’t take Iggy serious, like that. It’s almost like asking me how I felt about Sir-Mix-A lot when ‘Baby Got Back’ was out.”

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