Interview: Nicki Minaj Talks “The Pink Print” Album and More with Angie Martinez

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The one and only Nicki Minaj recently stopped by Power 105.1 to speak with Angie Martinez about everything from her newly released album, The Pink Print, to the many rumors of romance circulating her these past few months. As Angie dug deeper into the mind of Nicki Minaj, she grew a bit emotional when discussing her past relationship with her close and longtime boyfriend, Safaree Samuels but although the media has portrayed The Pink Print as a “love scorned” type of album, Nicki’s point of view shines a different light on the matter. A matured, reflective Nicki Minaj goes on to say…

“I don’t think people realize it’s not just a relationship or break up. That was a huge part of my life,” Nicki says emotionally. ” I’m also not gonna’ joke about it or try to act like he didn’t mean the world to me and still doesn’t mean the world to me. I’m not gonna’ be corny about it. So, I’m just figuring it out.”

Minaj also went on to reveal that she wasn’t single for much of the album which cancels out the thought a scorned love. Despite the rumor mill, she even expressed how she didn’t even know if she was truly single leaving the question open-ended. She continued to reiterate that she’s in a much happier place in this point and time but doesn’t rule out a chance that she could rekindle the love that remains between her and her former lover.

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