Interview: @Raekwon Frustrated With Wu-Tang Album Delays (Video Inside)

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The Chief is pissed. Wu-Tang Clan fans are not the only ones clamoring for a reunion. Raeknow is patiently waiting for a new group album as well, but he feels like too many of his Wu brothers are dragging their feet.

“You know, it’s a lot of discussion about it but it’s not consolidated yet,” Chef told Global Grind.

“We know, as a group, 20 years in the business is something serious. It was a couple conversations about it but it wasn’t brought to the attention that it needs to be brought to. Everyone’s so nonchalant about sh*t, like they don’t know if it’s going to happen. For me, it’s like I don’t respect that because it should happen. It should happen in a way where it can help us from all the sh*t we’ve been through. We’ve made a lot of money of course and we’ve lost a lot of money. It kinda put certain cats in certain situations where, you know, this can help your right now. At the end of the day, it could help all of us but it could help the ones that really need to be helped in a greater way and it could put us back where we need to be financially, back in the game as one of the iconic groups in the game but it takes a lot of loyalty, it takes a lot of love and it takes a lot of respect. I want to see it happen but more importantly, I want to see it done the right way.”

Hopefully we can see the “W” sign in the air again soon.

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