Interview: @TIP Says “I Didn’t Snitch, I Have Never Had To Tell Anything On Anybody” Plus Shares His Thoughts on Gun Control (video inside)

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T.I. serious

On the road promoting his new album, T.I. walked into Hot 97 radio station to speak the “truth” about a variety of topics. The reality TV dad  talks about gun control laws, as well as allegations of him receiving a shorter prion sentence in return for giving up inside info and being labeled a “snitch”.

TIP claims he has never told on a soul in his life.

When speaking on the banning of guns, this is what the former corrections inmate stated:

This is my problem with the banning of anything. What that does is, that means only the criminals will be allowed to have this particular item. Right now, there’s criminals that can’t have assault rifles or pistols but they got them and they know they can’t have them. So if they ban them, what it’s gonna be double-illegal for me now? I’m still gon’ carry mine. So if the illegals have them, I think the legals must have them.

 He later addressed the accusations of being a snitch, stating:

I go with the G code. In prison, we have paperwork parties. In prison, you have cards. I was in [a federal penitentiary] so everybody is sent from everywhere. So, I had the Georgia card, the Georgia crew. When you get there, your crew comes to make sure you got everything you need but you have to produce your paperwork so they will know how to align themselves with you.

He explained that if his paperwork had any “snitch flaw” in it, he wouldn’t even had been able to walk the yard like he did, without fearing that others would harm him.

I’ve always been in [general population]. All the time. I turned in my paperwork. When you turn in your paperwork, it’s called a paperwork party. They look at it on the yard. Everybody get to observe it and whatnot. They know exactly what to look for.

He then continued to tell Hot 97 that the accusers have motives for calling the king a snitch:

Everybody wants to believe that because if they would have got caught in them circumstances, that’s what would’ve happened to them. They would’ve done it. I stood silent. I could say with a clear conscience and a pure heart, I’ve never ever had to tell anything on anybody.

Check out the full interview video below:

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