Artist Spotlight with Tayla Parx, You May Not Know Who She Is Yet But You All Gonna Learn Today

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Who is Tayla Parx and why should we be paying attention?
Tayla Parx is a 22-year-old artist in every aspect of the word. From a very young age I’ve built my career on numerous creative outlets from theater to voiceover, on-screen acting, and songwriting. When I was about 17 I started to take songwriting serious. Getting in the studio and soaking up everything was an important part of me growing as an artist. So many people we’re pushing for artistry sooner but I wanted to make sure it was right. My worst fear was putting out music or an image that wasn’t completely true to me but while I worked on that I learned. I’ve worked with everybody from Ariana Grande to, 5th Harmony, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Jason Derulo and AfroJack. While growing up a bit from then to now I figured “oh! This is my style and my message!” You’re very aware of who I am and my attitude in both my music and performance style. I was tired of hearing the same old cadences and melodies on the songwriting end and noticed so many artists we’re scared to be unique or even their own selves lol so I figured… It’s time. My generation is looking for that right now and I’m finally ready.


Your first major break came with writing songs for other artists, how did that happen, who was the first? 
My first professional song I placed was a record called “Call me Crazy” that I wrote and produced for Sevyn Streeter. I was 18 years old and it was right around the time I signed my publishing deal to Warner/ Chappell with Big Jon Platt.  From there, getting in sessions with well-known producers as a new writer and proving my worth to the point they started requesting me on big projects.  From there I went on to write for Ariana Grande, 5th harmony, Mariah Carey and so on and so forth. It’s definitely a different situation as a woman in the entertainment industry especially when you’re as young as I am.   I kind of came out of nowhere where and nobody expected it because they thought I was just some little girl at the studio. Then I’d open my mouth and prove them wrong. I’m that way in every room I walk into but it made me develop the idea of “If I open my mouth I better have something that affects the entire atmosphere or they’ll have the wrong idea about me”. I’ve been blessed to have so many great mentors along the way from Babyface, Tony Dixon, Jon Platt, Debbie Allen to Ricky Minor. I’d even take it a step further to say that most people I met from age 18 to now have mentored me in one way or another. There was so much to learn, so from the A&R consultant to the President, I listened


Name 3 albums old or new that have influenced your style and why
One album that really inspired me as a kid was Brandy’s Full Moon album in 2002. I had to revisit again when I was 16 and was literally mind blown! From the productions to the vocal production it’s just all an incredible piece of work. “I Thought”, “When You Touch Me” are two of my favorites on there. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill record is the epitome of a masterpiece in the music industry. A female writing both amazing love records and conscious records as well. Rapping and singing so fluidly. Definitely one of the best to do it. Lastly, somebody who I’ve just become a fan of is Bryson Tiller. I think he’s apart of this crew of artists who are completely honest and artists in every sense of the word. People like SZA, St. Vincent, and Raury. I really respect it. One of the few albums I actually sat and listened to all the way through, NUMEROUS times actually. I always respect other young artists who really have a vision for themselves and can carry that out.


What will 2016 bring for Tayla Park?
You will so a lot of me. I will start releasing music in January and pretty much throughout the rest of the year. I’m really excited to show everybody what I’ve been up to while cooking behind the scenes. The Chris Brown feature was just the beginning of it all & I can’t wait to show it all!

Social Media Handles:
@TaylaParx is my handle for everything


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