Is Running Really The Answer?

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While surfing the net, I stumbled on a question raised by blogger/journalist Isis Wisdom in which she posed the question to her members ” Based on what you have seen and experienced living in this country as a black man if you had the opportunity to leave the united states and create a new life for yourself where you wouldn’t be faced with the pressures that you constantly deal with here would you go? If not please state your reasons for staying here?” Based on the plight of many African American men in this country as it relates to equality in the work force, high incarceration rates in prisons throughout the country and many other inequities that have plagued the black community for so long, I thought this was a legitament question. There were many responses to the question but one commenter in particular answer proved to be very practical under today’s standards in society. Mr. Alphoso Mcgriff shared his perspective on the question:

I have been to Jamaica, Trinidad, St. Kitts, Montreal Canada, London England, Senegal, The Gambia, and Kemet. Each place has its issues. The reality is, we are equipped to make any environment serve our life purpose. As long as we “believe in rules set forth by MAN, we will be the victims of MAN” regardless of where we run to. When we begin to move in harmony with Universal Laws, Natural Order, and Life Affirmation, we give ourselves the ability to make any place in the Universe serve our Life Purpose. I will share one of my writings with you. it encompasses some of what I am talking about. If we don’t like our reality, we need to change our consciousness, not our location.


I function in this reality like I am naked in the forest. I take full responsibility for myself. I realize I need food, clothing, and shelter. I look around to understand how to move in this forest, so that it adequately serves ME. This forest is extremely dangerous. This forest is also extremely beautiful. I will live and die here. I can also be killed. However, everything I need to experience, so that I can understand LIFE, is here. The “quality” of MY LIFE is determined by the “quality” of MY CONSCIOUSNESS. There is no need for me to be angry at snakes that bite; with the potential to kill . . . I just need to become more aware. There is no need for me to be frightened by unknown possibilities. They can be wonderful as well . . . I just need to plan, and be ready to “Move like Water.”

Water has no obstacles, enemies, or barriers. It will go over, under, around, and through. It absorbs what it’s given and keeps on moving, or . . . it will just . . . be still. If it gets too hot, it will evaporate, disappear. If it gets too cold, it will freeze, just stop. Water, and its ability to adjust, in the moment, to REALITY, is the definitive symbol of POWER and PEACE. Water Creates Its Own Path – because water ALWAYS makes the adjustment.

There is no need for me to be ashamed of what we are ALL experiencing . . . I just need to gain knowledge from the experience. There is no need for me to feel guilty about anything . . . I just need to KNOW what is necessary. There are only two relevant titles in this forest, STUDENT and TEACHER, and at any time the roles can change. There is no “racism,” “sexism,” or “fascism.” There are no “isms” here. There is no oppression. Everything is fair. Everything is equal. Everything is what it is supposed to be. EVERYONE is who they should be, where they should be, and doing what “they” are supposed to do. No one is out of order. Everything is as it should be. Everything is . . . PERFECT. HOW I FEEL about this forest and its reality can, and will kill me. HOW I DEAL with this forest and its reality can be the personification of Life. Life . . . being a perpetual, evolutionary enhancement of the QUALITY of perfection/reality (the present result of past moments), or . . . a perpetual evolutionary enhancement of the QUALITY of ME, and MY perfection/reality. Otherwise, there is no Life, just living. Now . . . as I look at this forest, the dangers, the beauty, its reality, and its essence . . . as I examine this forest, I realize, it too is a manifestation of my consciousness. This forest will become for me, exactly what I expect it to be. Any discomfort I have with this forest is an indication of discomfort I have with myself. I will NEVER, not be naked in the forest. I am the forest. The forest is ME.

Alphonso McGriff III
Copyright November 3, 2009


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