Is Terrence Howard Going Through A Real-Life “Empire” Drama?

| February 18, 2015 | 0 Comments

Has Terrence Howard’s life become a real Empire story? On the Tv show Empire, Howard’s character Luscious has an ex-wife threatening him and now it seems to be happening to him in real life.

The LAPD got a judge to sign a warrant and are investigating the case to see if ex-wife Michelle Ghent is the person behind suspicious death threats on Terrence’s Instagram.

The Instagram user @jchang768 is posting terrifying threats under pictures like “I’m watching you! I’m coming for … LOL. You two won’t live to see your children.”

Howard believes it’s his ex because the anonymous Instagram user @jchang768 only follower is Michelle Ghent.  Terrence claims he has been receiving these posts for about a year and filed a police report because he is in fear of his life.

By the way, be sure to tune in for the smash hit show Empire on Fox tonight.

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