Its the End of the Road for Maybach!!!

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Jay & Yeezy about to do some damage in 'Otis' video

Let’s all take this time to pour out a little gasoline and say a prayer for hip hop’s most beloved and luxurious means of flashy transportation: the Maybach.  It’s been reported that after a decade of profit loss, the Birkin bag of the Mercedes brand will head up to that big auto storage yard in the sky. Someone get on the phone with Rick Ross and the heads of Maybach Music Group to tell them that serious label alterations need to be addressed!

The hunk of expensive metal costing upwards of $350,000, was reintroduced with the 1930s-esq marquee in 2002. But now, with only 1% of the population being able to afford them, Daimler is closing production doors and putting the Maybach out to pasture to make room for the expansion of the S-Class model as a replacement.  “It would not make sense to develop a successor model, it can replace the Maybach,” said CEO Dieter Zetsche.

You would think with all the name dropping done by rap artists like Mr. Rozay, and the vehicle being featured as  the sexiest video vixen in Jay-Z and Kanye’s ‘Otis’ video (even despite it being severely altered) that it would have made some kind of impact. Oh well, R.I.P. to you Maybach. I’m sure we could’ve had some good times. No words on if Mercedes will hold a star studded memorial service or not. I can already imagine that instead of a eulogy, they’ll just play songs where the Maybach was mentioned in the lyrics.

With her top taken off.

Rozay rides in style

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