#ItsBiggerThanKSU: Student at Kennesaw State Not Allowed To See His Adviser???

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Kennesaw State University “adviser” Abby Dawson is coming under scrutiny after this video went viral late last night on Twitter. After a KSU student posted a video being told campus police will be called on him if he did not leave the waiting room, where he was serving the room’s purpose by waiting. He then followed up by posting pictures of e-mails that built up to this moment.

Fed up with the run around, he went up there in hopes to see her only in an attempt to be warned off. This situation appears to not be new as others have tweeted displaying their displeasure with Abby Dawson. Some even claimed it led them to change their major.

Kennesaw State has responded via their twitter handle and said that a formal complaint process has begun. The power of social media shows itself again as we see an administrator not fulfilling their duties and being outed on it. Universities already rob students and their parents blind with high tuition rates that only increase by the year, and they can not even seek proper guidance? It also speaks about some of the experiences of minorities at PWIs as the threat to call campus police was uncalled for and served no purpose. The student body should continue to collectively stand up to this misuse and neglect of power and responsibility.

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