Janay Rice Sets the Record Straight or Did She?

| December 2, 2014 | 0 Comments
When the horrific video of former Baltimore Ravens star, Ray Rice hitting his wife Janay Rice, surfaced the Internet, it immediately outraged the public and caused uproar. After the embarrassment, countless unsolicited comments from the public, and backlash, Janay Rice is finally speaking out, and she is making it clear that she is not the face of domestic violence.
In a two-day interview, Janay Rice sat down with Matt Lauer of “Today” to share how her life has changed over the last six months since that unforgettable elevator moment.
Accompanied by her mother Candy Palmer, Janay Rice told Lauer that the hardest part has been remaining silent through this entire process.
“The hardest part is having so much of your life made public and have it all be negative. That’s the hardest part, is not having control over anything that has to do with you,” says Rice.
Janay Rice tells Lauer that she and Ray Rice were both highly intoxicated that night and both at fault. However, she insists that was the only time something like this has happened.
“There’s no way. He knows what he would have to deal with. I’m not going to sit there in silence and let something happen to me and, God forbid, in front of my child,” Janay tells Lauer.
Ray Rice was out of the house for the first part of the interview, but later returned and answered questions. In the teaser, Ray Rice says he hopes for a second chance.This can be seen on part two, airing Tuesday on “Today.”

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