Jennifer Hudson Has War of Words with Twitter Stalker

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Jennifer Hudson is the lastest celebrity to have a Twitter fight and let’s just hope her account was hacked because this is some messy ish! The starlit was questioned by a fan about her weight loss. Jhud recently dropped to a size zero. The fan asked if Jennifer had some surgical assistance or was it all from Weight Watchers. There were also comments about the singers husband David Otunga being gay.

The Tweets become more and more aggressive with each reply. The Twitter user said, “B#@*h you have crows feet, laugh lines, your knees are knocked, and on the cover of Essence you had Strech marks.” Jennifer shot back saying” thank you for your hate and clearly the gym aint working for you cuz you look a mess. Watch what you say cuz I might have to buy a plane/flight and come show you some of my southside and then come back home where your not!

While we don’t actually know if Ms. Hudson in fact sent these tweets from her account, one thing is for certain, the American Idol star and actress doesn’t take kindly to twitter insults. 

 Was Jennifer Hudson wrong for defending herself on twitter or should she have ignored the person? 


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