Jennifer Lopez Goes Naked for the New Year’s — Well Sort of?

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And Where The Heck Did Her Butt Go?


Looks like Singer/Actress J-Lo has lost her famous booty for the New Year’s as these pictures clearly show that she has been cutting back on the fried chicken. Her revealing wardrobe was the talk of the town as she was recently seen performing in New York City during some of the worst weather condition of the year.

Her audience screamed as she danced across the stage before high-kicking along to Frank Sinatra’s classic New York, New York. Some might remember she was one of the Fly Girls from the hit comedy “In Living Color”, the show that was also responsible for launching such careers as Jamie Foxx, Jim Carrey & the Wayan brothers.


J-Lo shamefully admitted that she has never attended a Times Squares New Year’s celebration and I do believe her as I grew up in the city myself and it wasn’t until I moved to another state that I was interested in checking out the festivities of the annual celebration. I was content like so many other New Yorker’s in watching Dick Clark do the countdown on television.

After her performance, she told host Ryan Seacrest: ‘This is my first time ever coming down here. It’s just so much good, hopeful, amazing, loving energy. I feel like a little girl!’

She is working it in the pouring rain too!

Where’s the booty at?


Seacrest, who was presenting Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, couldn’t hide his admiration for J.Lo’s costume.

He grinned: ‘That outfit has made my year!’ I am sure her outfit will be the talk of the net for a long time as did her famous green outfit she wore at the Oscars. One thing’s for certain, this Bronx Stevenson High school graduate keeps our borough in the headlines…you go girl!

Dennis Byron was a Senior Contributing writer for the national publication Hip Hop Weekly as well as several other entertainment publications.


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