Ocean 7 Leader in Trouble!! Jermaine Dupri Sued Over Unpaid Lamborghini Bills

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We guess “money ain’t a thing” isn’t really the motto for music mogul Jermaine Dupri right now. TMZ has reported that the producer/businessman not only had his 2005 Lamborghini Murcielago recently repo-ed, but that the company that financed the car is now suing him for almost $80,000.

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Premier Financial Services claimed that Dupri financed the car in 2006 at $330,000 and agreed to make monthly payments of $4,323. After dropping $70,000 up front for the car, he continued to make scheduled monthly payments until 2009, when he stopped making his payments for whatever reason. Premier Financial Services repo-ed the car, sold it for $115,000 and are now suing Dupri for their losses of almost $80,000. Not a good look for the Ocean 7 head honcho but then again not a good look for most suffering in this tough economy. Keep your head up JD!

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