Judge Throws Book at Disrespectful Teen for Giving Him Middle Finger

| February 6, 2013 | 0 Comments
Penelope Soto

Penelope Soto

If teenager Penelope Soto had any aspirations on becoming famous like rapper Rick Ross, her wish might have just come true as a video that has gone viral because of what occurred in her drug possession bond hearing yesterday.

During a procedural bond hearing with Judge Jorge Rodriquez-Chomp, the teen was asked if she had any assets that would show she was either able to pay for an attorney or receive a court appointed one. While giggling at the judge and rolling her eyes and twirling her hair she stated that she had a “lot of jewelry” and when asked to clarify how much the jewelry was worth, she responded “I got Rick Ross like jewelry” which didn’t mean much to the judge as he had this baffled look on his face. The judge ordered her to pay a 5k bond and just as she was leaving she gave him the “middle finger” and said adios.

He then ordered her to come back up to the podium and asked did she just tell him to “fuck himself” and she replied yes. For that response, he ordered her bond raised to $10,000.00.

Check out what happens next in the video below:

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