Just Your Average Joe: @joebiden Won Last’s Night’s Debate by Being Himself (video inside)

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There was nothing classy or sophisticated about last night’s Vice-presidential debate. Joe Biden took on Vice-President hopeful Paul Ryan and held back no punches as he criticized him on everything from his stance on the economy to his views on abortion and stimulus money.

Biden, a veteran of debates and politics and an expert on foreign policy used everything in his arsenal to go at Paul Ryan when it came to his views on foreign policy, the economy, and more. By the end of the night, you knew that Joe Biden came away with the victory like how we knew Mitt Romney came away with the victory last and he did it being him. Biden won last night’s debate being Joe Biden. Often criticized for being slightly crass and staunch at times, Biden used all that and then some to his advantage last night. Not only was he the rude and somewhat aloof political veteran that we’ve all come to know and love and hate, he also showed us that he can fit right in with the new generation of people who like their politics with a little sadistic edge.

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Joe Biden took Ryan to task when it came to the Republicans stance on stimulus money and whether or not it helped the economy when he reminded Ryan that he sent Biden a letter personally asking for stimulus money for his state of Wisconsin and stressing in the letter that the money “would be much needed and would help create jobs,” a stance that he has since taking a full turn on. He also reminded him that the Republican party had no problem handing then President George W. Bush a blank check to head into 2 wars, but have since tried to stop any and everything that current President Obama and his staff has trying to do when it comes to passing a budget, injecting stimulus money into the economy and raising taxes on the rich.

It wasn’t just the remarks that made Biden a Democratic favorite and a trending topic on twitter. It was his response to Ryan’s answers. He would often giggle before Ryan would even open his mouth as if whatever Ryan was to say wouldn’t be worth anyone’s time to hear. He would often respond to him using terms like “my friend” and came close to cursing several times. At one point instead of telling us what kind of bull S— this was, Biden politely said “This is a bunch of stuff.” Biden was often condescending and smug, almost like his staff told him to watch the Romney/Obama debate and do everything that Romney did. . Sometimes the laughs were slight, other times they were full throated belly chuckles, head back and mouth wide open as if he was watching a stand-up comedian perform. All things that would come off as rude if another candidate i.e. Barack Obama did it, but in Biden’s case it was Joe Biden being Joe Biden.

Ryan didn’t do himself any good by looking like very nervous throughout the debate. He constantly took sips of water and looked frantic at times, while Biden stood calm through any attack. His responses sounded scripted and not very believable. Paul Ryan came off like someone who was not quite ready for prime-time yet, while Biden’s demeanor said “Been there, done that”

Love him or hate him, Joe Biden dominated this debate last night because of everything we hate him for. His brute honesty, his nonchalant attitude and his tough as nails throwback persona that turns off many of the new generation is exactly what won him points in this debate. He took Ryan out of his comfort zone early and often and did it in a way that would make even the toughest Joe Biden cynic say,”He’s alright with me.” He reminded the world what the Barack Obama administration did when it came to saving the auto industry, killing Osama Bin Laden and ousting Mommar Gadhafi, and creating new jobs every month since he’s been in office. Last night Joe Biden was the best weapon that the Obama administration could pull out short of bringing out Michelle Obama.

When it was all said and done, Joe Biden pulled out a  W for the home team all by being Joe Biden. Now aint that some stuff.

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