K Camp – “Cut Her Off” Remix feat. Rick Ross and 2 Chainz [New Music]

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Rapper K Camp has recently been setting the rap scene in Atlanta on fire.  His latest hit, “Cut Her Off” has just about every man feeling like its nothing to do just that.

This club banger just went to another level, as Rick Ross jumps on the track to let to the masses know that he is arguably the “King of the South.” This down south collabo is another example of How the South was Won.

In an interview earlier this year with Complex Magazine, the Atlanta rapper spoke about how this single came about and how his mother who is his manager knows all the words to his songs, even “Cut That Bitch Off.”

With “Cut That B*%ch Off,” Will-A-Fool sent me some beats. I was recording at the crib, and I had this little chick who was about to pull up. She shot me a text like “what you doing?” I’m like “I’m recording, pull up,” and she was like “OK.” In my head I’m like “Bet.” I’ve been trying to hit this chick for a minute. So left the studio, this is around 11 p.m., so the liquor store closed.  So I run to the gas station to get some Lime-A-Ritas. I’m pulling off, and see a car looking like it’s going to my house, she hit me like “is that you that just passed me?” I’m like “Yeah, what’s up. I’m running to the gas station.” Two minutes go by and she’s like “I’m about to leave.” Fuck you mean you about to leave? I’m like “A’ight fuck it then.” Now I’m pissed. I done spent my money, bought these fucking Lime-A-Ritas and she pull that monkey shit? On top of that she already had a boyfriend so she out here creeping and sh%t.  So I go back to the crib, and start listening to beats. I just started freestyling, “it ain’t s#it to cut that b^%ch off.” Me and potna laughing at that shit and I just started saying “So what you got a man hoe?” I freestyled the whole record. I recorded it in 30 minutes. My folks messed around and played it in the club, and people was fucking with it.  Here I am, just making a song, being mad at some chick. Now I got a hit.

My mom knows all the words to “Cut That B#$ch Off.” I remember the first song she ever heard of mine was some silly song called “Cocky B%$#hes” and she snapped on me. But now she’s singing “Cut That B#$ch Off”—sh^t crazy.

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