Oh Yeezus! Kanye West Allegedly Attacks Man After Calling Kim Kardashian A “N**ger Lover”

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You never really know what to expect in the entertainment world but Kanye West and his fiancee Kim Kardashian definitely has us all tuned in. Now Kanye has allegedly attacked a man who supposedly called Kim a “n**ger lover”. We’ve learned from a source that a man was helping Kim avoid paparazzi as she was on her way to an appointment and allegedly referred to the photographers and said “F*ck these f**got-a** n**gers” When Kardashian told him the N-word was inappropriate, the man followed her into the building and verbally assaulted her.


According to the source, the man said to Kardashian “Shut up, n**ger lover, stupid slut, f*ck you, b**ch” Supposedly the man was in her face calling her all these names. Meanwhile Kanye was already in the office for an appointment and looking for Kardashian who was running late. The rapper called Kim’s phone and sources say she was “crying and upset” over the incident with the verbal attack. The next incident has not been confirmed but TMZ reports that West realizing what had happened to Kim, followed the man into a doctor’s waiting room and punched him. We all know Yeezus has a temper. Sources say police were called to the scene and that the man intends to press charges. Oh Yeezus!

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