The Kardashians Are at it Again with A New Endeavor Called “Dash Dolls”

| January 17, 2012 | 0 Comments


After rumors of trying to start their own print magazine, the Kardashian sisters are apparently starting their own line of Barbie dolls. According to E! Online, the limited edition Barbie dolls exclusively named “Dash Dolls,” will soon be available to the public. The dolls will be sporting outfits from the Kardashian boutique collection. Because Mattel does not discuss product rumors, no one is quite sure whether the rumors are fact or fiction. If true, the dolls are slated to be released later on in the calendar year. Kim, Kloe, & Kourtney are definitely aiming for a hand in every industry out there which some say is all due to her love tryst with singer Ray J.

How many people do you think will support the Kardashians’ latest endeavor and purchase “Dash Dolls” for their little girls?


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