Katt Williams Speaks Out About Alleged Gun Incident “I Didn’t Have No Gun, I’m The Victim”

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Katt Williams/ Photo credit: Dennis Byron

Funny man Katt Williams  is now speaking out about an alleged story about him pulling a weapon on a patron during a performance he had in Los Angeles the other day. Williams has seen his share of brushes with the police but this latest incident didn’t make sense when the story first broke.

The comedian is claiming that up to four gang members assaulted him while he was heading to his car and he believes that one of them was the one who called the police. Where they do that at (a phrase coined from Mr. Ron Fisher)?

TMZ is reporting the following:

Katt tells TMZ … he was actually the victim … verbally attacked and threatened by 4 gangbangers who repeatedly called him “Cuz” … Crip slang referring to the rival Bloods gang.  

The comedian goes on to say things got physical when the 4 guys  followed him to his car and began assaulting him.  

But Katt says he never pulled a gun … never even had one.  So the 911 call reporting he was brandishing a weapon is aburd … or so he says.

As for who called 911 … Katt is convinced it’s was the gang members themselves.  If that’s true, it certainly goes against type … gang members generally stay away from those digits.

Hopefully the cops buys his story because pulling a gun on someone at a comedy show is now laughing matter. Neither is beating up on a rival comedian.

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