Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Alright’ Used as a Chant During a Police Protest

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When Hip Hop and social activism melt together>>> your existence. A Black Lives Matters conference was held at Cleveland State and a 14-year old boy was detained for apparently being intoxicated in public. Witnesses say the boy was slammed to the ground in an act of police brutality, according to Consequenceofsound, and that is when the crowd formed a barricade around the police cruiser.

They were all holding hands and arms demanding the boy be let go when they were all pepper sprayed. Member of the Cleveland Eight, Edward Little said ,’Folks were asking what is going on? Why are you trying to arrest this young man? All of us just saw what happened to Sandra Bland in Texas so forgive us if we are a little concerned’.

Is this the damage Kendrick Lamar does to young African-Americans that Geraldo Rivera was so worried about? Sadly, black solidarity really puts fear in some people.

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