Kendrick Lamar’s “G.O.O.D. Kid Maad City” Being Taught In Classrooms

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goodkid maad city

Kendrick Lamar’s first album “G.O.O.D. Kid Maad City” featuring the hits “Swimming Pool” and “Poetic Justice” is in the process of being a subject text for a university english ourse. His vernacular, metaphors, and life story of an average kid in the hood is hoping to be an example making students better writers. On the outside of the album cover it reads  “A short film” and as you listen each song tells a story that flows along with the next track.

Used for analyzing and structured writing, english professor Adam Diehl hopes it can encourage students to be a better person overall.Given the opportunity to create his own class material, Diehl relates Kendrick to James Joyce, a poet/novelist from the 20th century. He feels that Kendrick Lamar lyrically prophesizes today’s everyday issues such as racism, trafficking, gang violence, and financial struggles.

“I decided to center the class on good kid, m.A.A.d city because I think Kendrick Lamar is the James Joyce of hip-hop–i.e. in the complexity of his storytelling, in his knowledge of the canon, and in his continuing focus on the city of his upbringing – Compton.” – Diehl

Recently, Kendrick Lamar has made a short 14minute film on this album titled “M.A.A.D.” Produced by Khalil Joseph the film was released earlier this month at a showcase featuring upcoming directors and actors. Joseph imports much footage of L.A. during Kendrick’s Yeezus tour with Kanye. Since most teachers show footage along with their lesson plans, do you think tho may also be relevent to Diehl’s subject matter?

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