Kevin Clash (the voice of Elmo) Reaches Confidential Settlement With Accuser but Then it Gets leaked to @TMZ

| November 17, 2012 | 2 Comments

Ladies and gentleman Sesame Street can’t seem to catch a break because Elmo is still being dragged through the mud. First Romney wanted to take the show off air and now it’s a scandal in the mist. Kevin Clash the voice of Elmo allegedly agreed to pay his accuser $125,000 if he recanted his story. Sheldon Stephens the accuser stated that he was a 16 year old minor when he and Clash started their sexual affair. Kevin Clash stated that Stephens was an adult during the time of the affair which apparently has a twisted end to the story.

Hours after Stephens recanted his story of the underage sex allegation a settlement was reached between the two parties. Stephens agrees to release a statement that his sexual involvement with Clash was indeed an adult consensual relationship. Per the agreement Stephens must agree to recant the statement whenever questioned about the relationship regarding Clash.

Sources state that even though Stephens signed the agreement he stills insists that Clash had a sexual relationship with him when he was a minor. They also imply that he was pressured into signing the document. Sources also reveal that Stephens was crying during the final moments of negotiation and insisted he did not want to sign the settlement. This back and forth tug a war is enough to have anyone asking who is telling the truth. Enquiring minds want to know but I guess we’ll have to settle with a guessing game for now.

Don’t know about you guys but Elmo is not allowed in my home until he cleans up his act!

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  1. Star Murphy says:

    I hate stories like this. Especially when it involves a person that plays a character children from all walks of life enjoy and grew up loving. Sad, yet wonderful article by a even greater writer.

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