“Keyboard Gangster” Meets His Match with Pro Boxer Deontay Wilder

| May 9, 2014 | 0 Comments

Cyber bullying has been going on as long as the existence of social media. But trolling and harassing anyone online, especially a heavyweight boxing legend like Deontay Wilder, is outright foolish. One of those cyberbullying individuals learned this lesson the hard way.

The hard-hitting undefeated heavyweight boxing champ Wilder was captured on camera pouncing on the man named Charlie Zelenoff who has been trolling him for years. Surprisingly, Zelenoff was bold enough to call up Wilder to go toe to toe. It was reported by TMZ that Zelenoff has made racial slurs as well as disparaging comments aimed towards Wilder’s family. As expected Charlie took quite a beating as Wilder begrudgingly hammered him and uttered numerous warnings to “Never do that again” referencing the trolling.

This video should serve as a lesson that cyberbullying should not occur. Especially not knowing the capabilities of the person being harassed. Anyone can talk trash behind a computer screen but face-to-face take a massive pounding like the man on the video. It’s sad that even the Internet could be used as a tool for harassment. This video alone should be used as an anti-cyber bullying PSA and aired everywhere.

Photo Credit: Boxing Insider

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