Watch Your Mouth Sucker! Daniel Gibson Says He Was Defending His Wife’s Honor in Assault Case

| July 30, 2013 | 0 Comments

Photo credit: Dennis Byron

During this year’s past Essence Festival celebration, Cleveland Cavaliers Daniel Gibson got into an altercation with a “fan” about saying some harsh words towards his singing superstar wife Keyshia Cole which resulted in dude’s jaw getting broken. The athlete voluntarily surrendered to the police for processing and was released after posting a bond.

Gibson tells TMZ … “Earlier this month during the Essence Music Festival, I was involved in an incident with other individuals while I was out with my wife.”

He continues, “It’s unfortunate that some see opportunity in taking advantage of people who work hard for what they have achieved.”

Gibson says he takes pride in being a role model for his son and other kids who look up to him — and adds, “Once all the facts of the incident come out, I expect to be fully vindicated.”

Within hours, Gibson called into TMZ Live and explained what actually happened which sounds very plausible if we were in his shoes. Check out the video below:

Source: TMZ

We suppose Daniel “Boobie” Gibson is of the old school of thought:
“Don’t write a check with your mouth that your azz can’t cash”

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