Kodak Black Judge Busted Making Damaging Comments About Dealing with People Accused of Crimes

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While dealing with his legal issues hip-hop artist Kodak Black still manages to release hit singles like “Tunnel Vision” and Roll In Peace”. He also just released soundtrack “Erykah Badu” (3 days ago) and “Fall Thru” (6 Days ago).  Florida native Kodak Black has been battling with all of his legal issues for a while now since 2015. His irresponsible actions have kept him from touring & fulfilling his potential as an amazing artist. After violating probation, house arrest and recently having his home invaded during an Instagram live video it looks like he just caught a break.

Judge Joel Lazarus, who was presiding in Kodak’s case, has been banned from “all matters involving the criminal court,” according to the Local10 news. Judge Lazarus was unaware that he was being recorded facebook live while he was preparing for court when he made an unbecoming comment.

“I’ll double the bond to those incidents that take place in my neighborhood. Closer to my house, the higher the bond”.

Lazarus claims that it was a joke in defense to a burglary near his home. Others in the courthouse felt different and were bothered by the comment.

Broward County public defender Howard Finkelstein viewed the video and was highly disturbed. So much that Finkelstein wrote a letter to Chief Judge Jack Tuter expressing that he felt it was irresponsible, unethical and a bad representation for the court. Finkelstein then requested that Lazarus is removed and banned from all criminal court matters in the future. Tuter has acted on it, saying that the comments were “clearly inappropriate.” Lazarus is now banned from all matters involving the criminal court.

After Tuter decision Judge Lazarus acknowledges his fault and apologizes in saying, “People say things in jest all the time, it was unfortunate, I shouldn’t have said it”.

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