KSU Apologizes for Rude Treatment by Student Advisor

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Kennesaw State University has issued a public apology for the behavior of an adviser towards a student. Abbie Dawson is the woman in the video that went viral as she went off on the student who was looking for help.

Kevin Bruce is the name of the student, who attempted to speak to his adviser on multiple occasions via e-mail to which she gave minimal to any help. Bruce then decided to take his collegiate career in his own hands and went up to the office to wait until she had a moment. Then Dawson storms out to confront him and says he is ‘harassing’ her and that she will call campus security on him. Kennesaw State placed her on administrative leave.

The official press release from the university:

“We have made it very clear to Ms. Dawson and her supervisors that the behavior she demonstrated on the video will not be tolerated; and while we have apologized to the student directly, we also want to publicly apologize for her behavior which is not representative of KSU’s student-centered culture… While we in no way condone Ms. Dawson’s actions, we also acknowledge that we need to make some changes in our advising structure to provide more training and support for our staff so that they are better equipped to help our students navigate their college experience.”

The university is requiring her to attend sensitivity training before she can advise any other students according to 11 Alive, Atlanta.

Dawson got off fairly lucky as all evidence shows she is not equipped to be in the position at all. Multiple students had tweeted their displeasure with her service, meaning her behavior is more reoccurring than isolated.

If she does return, hopefully she will remember what her job is and not treat students trying to get their education as if they are an annoyance.

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