L.A. Man Gives Homeless Family of Four His Home For One Year For Christmas (Video Inside)

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During the holidays we’re all reminded of how hard times can be for lots of underprivileged people, families and children. According to reports on New York Daily News  a California lawyer, by the name of Tony Tolbert, 51, of Los Angeles, CA, has given his fully furnished L.A. home to a homeless family for Christmas.


Tolbert told the news:

You don’t have to be Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or Oprah. We can do it wherever we are, with whatever we have, and for me, I have a home that I can make available.

The most original part of this story is that Tolbert plans to move back in with his mother for a year and continue to work. He stated that his father would do the same type of acts for people he knew, by lending a bedroom if he had one. His father now suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease, but Tolbert insisted that his father’s acts were embedded within him.

Tolbert visited a local shelter, where he met a homeless mother of four children. The oldest child wasn’t even allowed to stay in the shelter because of their age at the time. Dukes was in pure shock when told at the shelter that a man wanted to donate his home to her and her children. She stated:

They had a young man that wanted to donate their house to you for a year. And I’m looking at her, like, what? Like — Are you serious? My heart just feels up. I’m real happy.”

The generous man told CBS that he hopes that his acts will encourage others to think about others and not just themselves.


Kindness creates kindness. Generosity creates generosity. Love creates love, and I think if we can share some of that and have more stories about people doing nice things for other people, and fewer stories about people doing horrible things to other people. That’s a better world.

Check out the clip from CBS New below:

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