Leaked!! Nude Photos of Kreayshawn

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Nude photos of newcomer Kreayshawn have leaked onto the internet, and to make matter worse, they were taken when she was underage. According to TMZ, the Rapper explained the situation· saying, “My Twitter got hacked today by an angry Hollywood extremist.” Who doesn’t have nude photos online these days?

The photos have been posted on several websites and Kreayshawn is very upset about the incident. “They sent out whack a$$ tweets and promoted their odd message of anti-Jewish stuff and deleted my twitter…they leaked out private photos of me while I was under age.” She continued, “Real nice guys! Spreading child-porno. VMA’s was insane on top of that. Can I s**t man I ain’t even mad.” Of course, we are family-friendly so you won’t be seeing any nude images here of minors or anyone else for that matter…unless it is Halle Berry of course.

BTW..why is a minor taking nude photos anyways? Could this be just another publicity stunt from a celebrity seeking attention? What do you think?


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