LeBron James & Carmelo Anthony Take Their Talents to the Far East

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LeBron-Panda“Is that a bamboo stick in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?”

The most hated man in the NBA, LeBron James has made good use of his lockout time by taking a trip to China and spending some cute & cuddly quality time with the exotic wildlife. Here James is pictured at the country’s panda center feeding a bamboo stick to one of its’ inhabitants. If his basketball career ever falls through, looks like he’ll have a nice relaxing career as a zoo animal feeder. I bet if we can hear the panda’s thoughts he’d be wishing that LeBron remove the bamboo stick from out of his ass!

Peep another pic of a much more likable NBA star Carmelo Anthony at the same facility and also a couple items that would’ve been more appropriately worn during their visit.

LRG panda ripper tshirt

Jeremy Scott x Adidaspanda bear sneakers

Carmelo Anthony gets hard core cuddly

LRG panda anatomy tshirt

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