LeBron’s Return To Cleveland And What It Means

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With the news breaking today of LeBron James returning to Cleveland the world received quite a shock. He will team up with Kyrie Irving a day after it was announced Irving signed a five-year extension with the Cavs.

LeBron’s free agency this offseason was the biggest topic of discussion in the sports world much like it was around this time four year ago. The only difference is LeBron and his publicists did not make his announcement a huge media circus and an event like they did back in 2010 when LeBron announced that he “Will be taking his talents to South Beach.”

LeBron’s subtle departure from Miami, where he formed an alliance with fellow 2003 NBA draftees Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to make four straight Finals appearances and score two titles, is a testament to his maturation and desire to make his decision bigger than basketball.

As a two-time Finals MVP, LeBron is hoping to return to Cleveland with the intent of building on his success from Miami and bring a title to C-Town for the first time in the history of that franchise. Who knows maybe LeBron could succeed in his quest to win a title for his hometown Cavaliers, the team that drafted him. If that does in fact occur, he can redeem himself in the eyes of many die hard Cavs fans who were irate at LeBron’s decision four years ago and the celebratory antics that followed including the notable smoke show celebration that included him, Wade, and Bosh.

One thing for sure is that Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert has squashed any hard feelings that were harbored towards LeBron following his departure from Cleveland four years ago.

In the eyes of many, especially sports fans, athletes are typically forgiven as long as their is winning involved. LeBron plans on bringing that approach back to Cleveland.

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